AMM Protocol on Fantom

Hot Nuggets, Freshly Fried!
LAUNCH DEX Farming Pools
Built on Fantom

Fantom is a decentralized high-throughput open source smart contract platform. Fantom is able to deliver super speed, higher security and reliability. Furthermore, Fantom is highly scalable and able to process over 1000 TPS.

Fair Launch

NuggetSwap is launched fairly without any pre-distribution of tokens. There was no seedsale, presale or any kind of tokensale event. Tokens are distributed via Liquidity Mining on Farming Pools. Initial supply will come from the pools and increase steadily over time.

Liquidity Mining

NUGGET tokens are fairly distributed through our farming pools. Users can provide liquidity on NuggetSwap on certain pairs and earn NUGGET tokens by staking the LP tokens on our pools. Each pool has their own allocation and APY.

Nugget Locker

Nugget Locker is token & liquidity locking service on Fantom. It can be used by any project or individual on Fantom to lock tokens and liquidity for certain amount of time. The locker is completely free of cost, no charges will be taken and will remain free for the Fantom community.

Stability Focused Liquidity Pools

We are focused more on creating pool pairs with stablecoins for LP and farming than creating pool with coins. This creates a safe heaven for LP providers having 50% less risk of loosing main coin valuation over stable valuation during sudden flash crash and bearish market comparing to the pairs having 2 different coins. This way LP providers won't have to remove liquidity during flash crash and take big hits rather enjoy the same LP rewards during bearish market.


Our project has the best tokenomics than any other competitors out there with properly planned execution steps keeping in mind the best interest for our investors and supporters.

Token Name NuggetSwap Token
Max Supply 100,000 NUGGET
Liquidity Mining 75,000 NUGGET (3 years distribution)
Team 10,000 NUGGET (2 years lock, quarterly release)
Development 10,000 NUGGET (1 year lock, monthly release)
Marketing 5,000 NUGGET

Supply Distribution

Contract Address: 0x9e206e9792a0a40b38862d088d4115b26cdd2ed0 | Token Chart


Our team doesn't believe in fake commitments made with some fancy GFX, fake promises to attract users with no usecase and proper planning but we do believe in delivering the product itself keeping everything simple and clean.

  • Q3, 2021 100%
  • Q4, 2021 0%

We have plans to include more products in our ecosystem once we finish our current roadmap.

Q3, 2021

  • Project Launch
  • DEX Launch
  • Farming Pools Launch

Q4, 2021

  • Marketing & Partnership
  • Subgraph & Analytics Integration
  • Development of Nugget Locker